How to choose a vase for interior decoration

Posted by Roman Puhachov on Mar 7th 2021

How to choose a vase for interior decoration

To begin with, you should figure out what vases are, and what they can be used for, because their functions are varied. In this article, we will share with you how to choose the right vase for your interior and tell you about its varieties.

Vases for table

With their help, you can serve a festive table, using bright fruits or vegetables as decoration. Such vases are of different types: low and wide, on stands with an almost flat bowl, reminiscent of a water lily leaf, domed, in the form of a funnel.

Modern White Large Tabletop Centerpiece Flower Vase

Vases for décor

They are used to showcase beautiful objects such as seashells, pinecones, even candy wrapped in colorful, and more. It is noteworthy that such vases are always transparent, made of glass, so all the contents are clearly visible through their walls.

Large White Round Trumpet Modern Fiberglass Freestanding Flower Vase 33"

Flower vases

There is probably no need to describe, but it should be noted that different types of vases should also be available for different types of flowers. For example, for tall roses it is better to use stable elongated vases (in the form of a cylinder), and for small, lush bouquets it is recommended to use a low wide vase at the base, so the bouquet will turn out to be spreading.

Inch Modern Bamboo Narrow Trumpet Floor Vase

Decorative vases

Rather, they play the role of art objects, with which you can effectively complement the interior due to the shape, color, texture of the material or the impressive size of such an object.

Roman Style Large Pointed Amphora 35" Tall Floor Vase on Metal Tripod Stand, Red and Gold

How to choose the right vase

If you need a vase for flowers, then when choosing it, remember: a vessel should not argue with the bouquet. This means that it is still better to use colorful catchy vases as a décor, but for fragrant freshly cut buds, it is advisable to use a simple, concise one. For example, neutral transparent glass vases (possibly with a shade of blue, green) will not distract attention from the wonderful wildflowers, and lush roses will look even more picturesque in them.

Very often, when decorating interiors, not enough attention is paid to vases, which is completely in vain, since with their help you can surprisingly beat even the most ordinary situation.

At a time when the image of the interior has already been completed, and there are enough bright accents in it, it is better to make vases only as an addition.

You can give preference to pastel colors or choose achromatic shades (white, gray, black) that will not stand out against the general background but will not get lost among the variety of items in your interior.

White Contemporary Hand Painted Ceramic Handmade Floor Vase with Feather Design