See the Light with White Floor Vases

Posted by Erica Pennyfeather on Mar 3rd 2020

See the Light with White Floor Vases

Ever since days of old, vases were known as popular home decor. Originally destined as containers for cut flowers, their purpose has since been re-appraised. Vases, especially oversized ones, are gaining popularity, both with flowers and without. The right floor vase can hugely impact the style and personality of a room. With the addition of willow branches or bamboo sticks, a floor vase decorates an empty corner or that bare spot in need of something.

For this article, I compiled a list of my favorite Uniquewise floor vases. Their white color makes it easy to match to any existing decor and integrate in any room.

1. Modern white large floor vase - 40 inch

With its clean lines, futuristic design, and bright color, this vase is sure to give your living space an extra dash of sophistication.

2. Large white horn floor vase 32" high

Shaped like a mythical bugler's horn, this one brings luxurious style together with a surprisingly eclectic touch. The uniquely textured form of the vase will enhance the look of your living room or entryway amazing style and character.

4. Modern black and white large floor vase - 43 inch

At 43 inches tall, this one's decidedly majestic. Rather than going all out with a stark white, the modern black and white large floor vase features a black and white contrast for a touch of drama.