Modern Dining Trumpet Floor Vase, For Entryway and Living Room, White Fiberglass 24 inch

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Product Overview

  • SIZE: 10" W x 10" D x 25" H
  • MATERIAL: Durable fiberglass material with a lightweight feel
  • DESIGN: Trumpet design with a modern white finish
  • MULTI-USE: Fill it up with birch branches or flowers, use on a stand or as a floor vase
  • GRACEFUL: Ideal living room, entryway decor to add modern and decorative inspiration

Upgrade your home to a luxury status with this uniquely shaped modern vase. The vase is pretty enough to show off without any fillings. For an even more striking display, fill it up with dry branches, silk flowers, or tall, wispy grass. Composed of durable fiberglass, a durable yet lightweight composite material that will last for years to come. It is topped by a narrow opening that keeps flowers bunched up nicely and is finished in a glossy white finish. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review